Courses title

Drawing in museums evening class

We will be drawing from paintings, sculpture and other objects at Tate Modern, the British Museum, National Gallery and V &A.


Exploring London's religious buildings and architecture

We will start by visiting two of London's Hindu temples and follow this by continuing our exploration of Wren and Hawksmoor, visting St Anne's, Limehouse and the Royal Naval College in Greenwich.


Exploring London's museums and galleries

This term we will be drawing in the National Gallery, focusing on motifs, and at the Natual History Museum in Tring, where we will be drawing from the museum's collection of stuffed mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. 


Working in the studio in Bethnal Green

We will be continuing our exploration of colour and study of motifs, mixing colour and playing with pattern. We will be working from objects and from previous drawings.


Drawing London’s skyline and riverside

This is a chance to draw London from two different angles: from high above street level and in and among the buidings and structures at ground level by the river.



Summer Drawing course in France 

6 nights residential drawing course in south-west France offering a mixture of drawing from life, still life, landscape, historic buildings and places. 

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